November 28, 2016

about me

sunkissed in december blogPhoto by Studio Magnolia


Hey there, sunshine! I’m Alex, and I like to kick ass at life. Since you’re here, you probably do too, so I’m glad you found me!

Sunkissed in December is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping you create a life you love. I live my life according to one philosophy: make the most of every day and do what you WANT. This blog is about making time for your passions, simplifying the chaos of daily life, and ultimately finding a little bit of sunshine even on the darkest of winter days. My ultimate goal is that you’ll find inspiration here as I share my passions, ideas and planning tricks with you. I just love so many things, and I want to share them with everyone! I make a conscious effort to make sure every post on here will provide you with useful information and inspiration to help you make your life totally badass. A few of my favorite things are traveling/exploring, crafty DIY endeavors, fitness/self care, cooking and trying new restaurants, dog friendly places, life hacks/organization, the list goes on. You can expect a little bit of everything on here!

P.S. Meeting new people is one of my favorites, so don’t be a stranger!



Alexandra Ferraro currently resides in sunny Tampa, FL, but as a Buffalo, NY native, she’s no stranger to the snow. Blessed with wanderlust, she studied Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina where she learned to balance a full social calendar around football games. She then fell in love with adventure and got a little weird while living in Austin, TX and getting her Master’s degree in Creative Advertising from the University of Texas. Captivated by murals, afternoon hikes and a really good cheese board, Alex thrives on new experiences and exploring. Wanting a beachy change of scenery, she was drawn to the vibrant culture and lifestyle of Tampa Bay. You can most likely find her with a craft beer in hand at a local brewery with her sidekick, Harley the collie (or wandering around HomeGoods for fun). She’s always had a keen eye for design and detail, a passion for projects of all kinds, and will gladly plan girl’s night out.